NEWS FLASH :SBC 12th Anniversary celebration & Global New product release


On 3rd Aug, 2016,
Shenzhen SBC Photo electricity Co., Ltd
(hereinafter referred to as SBC)
held the 12th Anniversary celebration
& Global New Product Release
which was themed with "technology and innovation
"in Dalang Audience Hall
The company's senior managers,
Staffs from different department,
nearly 300 hundred clients and supplier representatives
from all over the world witnessed this grand banquet.

The celebration started with Guzhen famous melody
<the Night of Spring Flowers, River and Moon>,
SBC General manager, Jianbing Liu,
made a very important speech.
He said that Intelligent LED screen's
launch must be a very important moment
in LED screen industry.
SBC has been sticking on the slogan
"Stability, of course SBC!"
as the branding in past five years.
 After reconsolidation,
the LED screen industry now has appeared
a new separatism situation which is for sure the industry's
Eliminate trend is still on going.
How can SBC get a position
in such industry separatism competition?
The most important thing in all keys
is that SBC repositioned
the branding positioning, in the coming three years,

SBC's big strategic case only is one thing:
"customize your needs, of course, SBC! 

Look into the whole LED industry's structure,
the only way which SBC can go is this way too.
So we must plant the marketing position
 "customize your needs, of course SBC!"

to every client's mind and heart.
The future is still very far,
SBC seize every minute and second,
in the following days, What SBC will do is that:

1.Greatly advertising our marketing strategy 
   "customize your needs, of course SBC!" 
2.Exerting the power of capital and stock rights. 
3.Vigorously develop talents. 
4.Make innovation sales modes.
5.Improve the supplier link's construction. 
   For future, we do, and you see!

New product release presentation

was held by SBC deputy CEO Jorge Qu. 
He mentioned that "with rapid development of economic,
responding to calculate of labor costs increases,
energy saving, emission reduction & intellectualization,
human beings are marching in a new era which LED screens
can be found everywhere. To serve better end user,
SBC speed up it's product innovation.
We hope to discuss with all business partners & clients
about practical use of SBC LED screen".
He presented 8 models such as
Cysrtal Diamond P2.5,
E-saving P8,
Skylight P15.65,
Wall paper P4.0,
Big wave P6.7,
Transformer P4.8,
Prince P3,
especially most attractive Cable free supreme Harry Potter 3.
Crystal Diamond now is one of the thinnest indoor small pixel.
Transformer is one of most curveable in the whole industry.
Cable free supreme Harry Potter
takes the lead of intelligent LED screen.
It combines features' of complete cable free connection,
signal control and power supply touch screen,
separable power supply, signal power lock 3-in-1,
fine-tuning connector and common use
of hanging and standing bumper etc.

A senior Chinese finance expert,
famous equity incentive Mr Xu-bo guo 
was also invited to the event,
along with Mr Wang, author of
"Practical Foreign Trade skills make you easily take orders"
to give speeches about knowledge
of equity and foreign sales skills.

Another representative Dengyilu 
was a buyer of an american LED company,
she told us her story with SBC,
SBC’s management and company
culture had deeply impressed her,
especially the company mission:
in LED domain,straighten the back bone
that made her think,SBC is company
that loves his country and customers,
I have to support them with order.

General manager Liu Jianbing
awarded SBC equity certificates
for the first phase of equity incentive shareholders,
he said: "Congratulations our 6 core backbones to
become the first phase equity incentive shareholders,
now you are the owner of SBC,
I hope you can continue to work hard,
become public company realy,
" Then general manager Liu Jianbing 
awarded honorary certificates for the 2015
annual sales champion and talented employees.
With the chorus of "union is strength"
loud voice sounded, SBC 12 anniversary celebration
and new products release conference also came to a close.

In the coming days,
SBC will continue to increase :
research and development
efforts to launch a series of new products,
continued to win better reputation
and accumulate benchmark influence in led industry.

 12 years of trials and hardships, 12 years of tremendous changes;
 12 years of rapid development, 12 years of innovation forward;
 Wish SBC can be better and better in the next 12years!

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